Bachelor of International Studies

Bachelor of International Studies

Bachelor students of the Division of International Studies will build their knowledge of global processes, relationships, and societies, and be geared to work in areas of trade and business, foreign affairs, defense and intelligence, and humanitarian and development organizations. Opportunities are open to students from all parts of the world in a culturally diverse context, whereby all courses are delivered in English. 

Core Courses

All students are required to take the following core courses (Major Courses – General Major – Required):

  • Principles of International Commerce
  • Principles of International Relations
  • Globalization and Beyond: Culture, Society, and Political Economy

The full curriculum is shown in the table below. DIS offers a wide range of program choices in five main areas of international studies: International Commerce, International Peace & Security, International Development & Cooperation, Area Studies, and Korean Studies. Professional experiences and specializations are integral aspects of the program.

DIS Curriculum 2017
Classification Specification Course Title and Number Credits (Hours)
General Education (Compulsory) Common General Education GETE011 Thinking and Writing I
GETE013 Thinking and Writing II
IFLS003 Academic English I
IFLS004 Academic English II
GEKS001 Freshman Seminar I 1
GECT001 Infomative Thinking 1
Sub-total 10
Core General Education1 World Culture  6
Historical Investigation
Literature and Arts
Sociological Studies
Quantitative Research 3
Ethics & Ideas
Science and Technology
Sub-total 9
Major-related General Education2 Introduction to Economics (DISS115) 3(3)
Introduction to Political Science (DISS123) 3(3)
Subtotal 6
Elective General Education3 Secondary Foreign Language I and II (including Lab) 6(10)
Subtotal 6
Total 31
Major Courses 1st Major Required4 9
Elective5 27
Sub-total 36
2nd Major(Intensive Major) Required 0
Elective5 21
Sub-total 21
Total 57
General Courses 37
Total Credits 130


    1. Students need to obtain 9 credits (3 courses) from any of the seven categories of core general education. Maximum of 3 credits from each category are recognized as fulfillment of the requirement. Credits exceeding the requirement (9 credits) are recognized as general elective course credits.
    2. Credits from similar courses offered by other departments can be counted as fulfillment of requirement upon approval by DIS Chair.
    3. Incoming students to DIS must complete these courses.
    4. The required major courses cannot be substituted.
    5. Upon approval of DIS Chair, students can obtain credits from courses offered by other departments and the International Summer Campus.

* Students who have entered DIS after the Year of 2013, must take ‘Freshman Seminar’ (2 credits) during the 1st year.

Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Area of Specialty

International Studies

Requirements for graduation

  • Total Credit: Minimum credits for graduation 130 credit General education(31) + 1st major(36) + Intensive major(21) + General course(Remain credits)
  • Other requirements are as follows.
    A. Students majoring in International Studies only (Intensive Major) are required
    to obtain a minimum of 100 credits from courses taught in English or other
    foreign languages. For DIS students who are pursuing a double major,
    interdepartmental major or dual degree, the minimum is 70 credits.
    B. Even if the following courses are taught in Korean, they will count as
    English-taught courses: Thinking and Writing I and II, Academic English I
    and II, Secondary Foreign Language I and II.
    C. For foreign students who do not speak Korean, credits from Korean language
    courses will count as credits from secondary foreign language courses.
    D. For credits in English and other second-languages, only those obtained from
    courses offered by the Institute of Foreign Language Studies (IFLS) are
    accepted. However, upon prior approval of DIS Dean,
    credits from language courses offered by other departments and colleges will
    be accepted (Reminder: credits from language courses that are offered
    unofficially are not accepted).
    E. In the case of Academy English I and II, Secondary Foreign Language I and
    II, students can instead take other courses upon approval by DIS Chair.
    F. Internships can be recognized as major elective course credits for a
    maximum of 6 upon approved by Dean of DIS.
    G. For credits obtained as an exchange student or from university-wide joint
    programs, Dean of DIS will decide on the acceptability.
  • A. Graduation require students to satisfy all the requirements
    1) Completing all credits required for graduation
    2) Achieving an overall GPA 1.75 or higher for the entire period of study
    3) Obtain 100 credits from courses taught in English or other foreign
    languages (For DIS students who are pursuing a double major,
    interdepartmental major or dual degree, the minimum is 70 credits.)
  • B. Abolition for Official English Test (2016 Mar)
    (However, if DIS students who are pursuing a double major, interdepartmental major or dual degree, You need to satisfy requirements for graduation of Second major.)
  • C. Waived TOPIK for DIS foreign students
    (However, despite of DIS foreign students, you must take TOPIK if you get into other major as Second major.)
  • D. Changed rule of Core General Education(2017~)
    KU students have to take 9 credits in Core General Education different categories (However, New students of 2017 have to Include 2 courses among World Cultures, Historical Investigation, Literature and Arts, Sociological Studies)
    Students must take ‘Human right and Sexual Equality Education’.
    – Once per grade
    – It will apply from Freshmen of 2017


DIS will implement measures to ensure that the new curriculum does not cause any difficulties for students to fulfill the degree requirements.