Payment in Installments


Payment in Installments
February 05 , 2016

1. Eligible Applicants

– Students who have paid the first installment after submitting a payment in installments application online within the application period*

– The following students are NOT eligible for payment in installments:

a. Freshmen, transfer students, readmitted students, and students on a leave of absence in the first semester of 2016

b. Students registered for an extra semester (exceeding their ninthundergraduate semester or fifth graduate semester) in the first semester of 2016

c. Research students who have completed their graduate courses (completed research students)

*All students with scholarships covering less than 25% of their tuition or tuition bills without any scholarship reductions are eligible.

2. Application Period

Classification Application Period Payment in Installments Approval
Apply   February 24 – 29, 2016 (by 16:00) College department offices and administration offices

3. Application Method


4. Payment in Installments Period

Period Bill Printing and Payment Period
First Payment March 7 – 9, 2016 (by 16:00)
Second Payment April 4 – 6, 2016  (by 16:00)
Third Payment May 2 – 4, 2016  (by 16:00)
Fourth Payment June 1 – 3, 2016  (by 16:00)


5. Printing Bills for Payment in Installments


6. Amount of Payment in Installments

Classification Amount of Payment
First Payment 25% of tuition fees+ Other payments
Second and Third Payments 25% of tuition fees
Fourth Payment 25% of tuition fees – scholarship amount (will be deducted orseparately awarded)


7. Notice

a. Students who have made the first payment must make the second, third, and fourth(final) payments.

b. Students who have made the first payment are considered enrolled students.

c. If the final payment is not made, the student’s enrollment will be canceled, and the first, second, and third payments will not be returned.

d. If tuition is not paid in full by the payment deadline, the student will be expelled from school pursuant to relevant regulations.

e. If students who have made the first, second, or third payments wish to withdraw or take a leave of absence from school, they must pay the remaining balance in full. (Tuition refund regulations for withdrawing students will be applied later.)

f. Scholarship recipients (students who have applied for the payment in installments of less than 25% of tuition) will receive the fourth bill with the amount due after the scholarship deduction has been applied.

g. If a student does not pay his or her tuition within the designated period, he or she will not be eligible to pay in installments for the following semester.


8. Application Procedure for Online Payment in Installments

a. KUPID → Login → Tuition Payment/Scholarship → Tuition Payment in Installments Application

b. Click Application after reading the instructions regarding payment in installments.

c. Check personal and guardian’s information. Make corrections if needed.

d. Complete application by clicking the checkbox for guardians’ consent after consulting with guardians. Type in a guardian’s cell phone number.

(A guardian’s consent is not required for graduate students.)

e. Print out your bill by clicking Payment in Installments Bill for the given period after receiving approval for payment in installments.

f. Make payments within the designated period.

g. Students wishing to cancel payment in installments must click Cancel Payment in Installments before making the first payment. (They must then print out a regular tuition bill during the tuition payment period and pay tuition in full.)

h. Approval for payment in installments is made by tuition-related offices (college administration offices and department offices).

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