December 01 , 2015

NOTICE for CREDIT WITHDRAWAL for Fall Semester, 2015

Credit withdrawal for Fall Semester 2015 is possible at the KU PORTAL site as follows.

 1. Students are allowed to withdraw a maximum of 6 credits from the courses they have earned, including courses receiving the grade of ‘S,’ only once before he/she graduate.

2. Students who have registered for at least 7 previous semesters and earned 102 (106) credits or more are eligible. (For students who transferred with a prior BA degree, only seniors may apply).

3. Application Period:

1st: 9.28(Mon) 10:00 – 10.19(Mon) 09:00

2nd: 12.14(Mon) 10:00 – 1. 4(Mon) 09:00

4. Credit Withdrawal Procedure: Log in the KU PORTAL (Korean page only) (http:// and click 학적/졸업 -> 성적사항 -> 취득학점포기 (Credit Withdrawal). Choose courses to delete credits and click check box. Review your selection and click 신청 (Submit) button.



1. Once you have submitted your credit withdrawal application, you will be unable to make for the changes or retract your selection.

2. Required course(s) are excluded from the credit withdrawal so that you will continue to be eligible to graduate from Korea University.

3. For the course(s) that students have withdrawn credit(s) from, the course grade will be abbreviated to ‘W’ (Credit Withdrawn) on the official transcript.

4. Students cannot withdraw credits that are being retaken, nor retake course(s) that had its credits withdrawn.

* Due to revisions in Academic Regulations & Policies, up to six credits may be withdrawn when repeating a class is not possible due to its abolition(Applied for the courses completed beginning from the first semester of academic year 2014)

2015. 9

 Vice President for Academic Affairs

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