2016 -1 1:1 Language Exchange Program
April 06 , 2016

2016 -1 1:1 Language Exchange Program

The Office of International Affairs is organizing the Language Exchange Program between international students and Korean students for undergraduates. The purpose of this program is to enhance students’ language skills and promote cooperation among students by exchanging languages.


1. Program Schedule

a.  April 27, 2016 – June 10, 2016 (for 6 weeks)

b.  Twice a week/2 hours per session.

c. A weekly report is required after each session

d. A result report is to be submitted by June 21(Tue) 4 p.m.


2.  Scholarship: 500,000 KRW per person (100 individuals to be selected/scholarship will be terminated for students who are irresponsible)

3. Eligibility: currently enrolled students in 2016-1 (excluding students on leave of absence and in completed research student status)

4. Application Materials: 
   a. 1:1 Language Exchange Program Application (attached)
   b. Transcript Korean version (not applicable for new or transferred students who matriculated in March, 2016)


5. Application deadline:  April 11(Mon), 2016
KUPID(  Log-in  Scholarship Application  Scholarship  Scholarship/Student Loan Recipients  1:1 Language Exchange Program Application (attach application materials)

6. Orientation : April 27(Wed)

7.  Contact Information: Office of International Affairs-International Education Team (02-3290-1155, 5155)

*Please take a look at the attached file for further details.

언어교환프로그램 신청서(Application Form)

(2016-1)일대일 언어교환 안내

Attached File