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Notice of applicating internship courses
July 11 , 2016

Internship classes (DISS300, DISS301) aim to encourage DIS students to have first-hand work experiences in public, private or academic institutions. Students can attain two credits for internship. However, students who are enrolling in the 8th or above semester can NOT apply, and multiple applications are NOT allowed.

There are 3 assignments in order to complete the course:

*Prior to the Internship
1) To submit an application form to the convener prior to the beginning of the internship (attached)

Please consult with the convener about an internship and acquire approval from him/her prior to the start of the work.

*After the Internship
2) To submit a certificate of completion, issued by the institution in which the students have conducted an internship
3) To submit a five-page report(english) that includes job description, lessons learned from the internship, and implications for their future career

***Please note that the working hours of the internship must be at least 120 hours. Students who would like to take two internship courses should complete minimum 240 hours of internship and submit two five-page reports respectively.

***The term registering for the internship course should be the same period as doing the  internship.

ex) Internship during July to August: You should register for ‘internship course’ at summer session course registration.

ex) Internship during  September to November: You should register for ‘internship course’ at fall semester course registration.




*Please read the regulations attached below if you want further information about internship.

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