<Notice> 2017-1 Tuition Reduction for Extra Semesters


2017-1 Tuition Reduction for Extra Semesters
February 15 , 2017









  1. Eligible Applicants

a. For undergraduates, students in their ninth or later semesters who register for less than 9 credits

– For the Department of Architecture in the College of Engineering, students in their eleventh or later semester

– Dual degree students in their third or later semester after their major fields have been determined

– Transfer students in their fifth or later semester

b. For the Graduate School or Professional Graduate School, students in their fifth or later semester who register for less than 3 credits

– For the master’s/doctorate integrated program, students in their ninth or later semester

– Research students who have completed their graduate courses are excluded.

c. For the Specialized Graduate School, students in their sixth or later semester who have registered for less than 3 credits

  2. Application Period

*Procedure: Enrolled student application → Approval (college administration and department offices) → Print out after the bill printing period

Period Application Period Approval  (College Administration and Department Offices)
Application March 2 – March 10, 2017 (by 16:00) March 10, 2017 (16:00)

3. Application Method

* Portal Login →  Registration and Scholarship (등록/장학) →  Tuition Fee Reduction Application (학점 감면 신청)

4. Printing Out Reduced Tuition Bills and Registration Period for Reduced Tuition Payment for Extra Semesters

Period Bill Printing Period Payment Period
First Payment March 13 (10:00) – 15, 2017 (by 16:00) March 13 (10:00) – 15, 2017 (by 16:00)


5. Payment Amount

Classification Registered Credits Amount of Payment
College 1-3 Credits 1/6 of Tuition
4-6 Credits 1/3 of Tuition
7-9 Credits 1/2 of Tuition
Graduate School 1-3 Credits 1/2 of Tuition

*Base regulation: Article 4-7 of Regulations on College Tuition in the Ordinance of the Ministry of Education

6. Payment Methods

Transfer the total amount of tuition fee to the Hana Bank account written in the bills

 7. Notice

a. Tuition reduction is approved by college administration offices only when credits and tuition reduction type match.

b. Reduced tuition bills can be printed out after the college approval period.

c. If credits change after payment has been made, refund/redemption settlements will be made by mid-April.

* KUPID→ School Registry/Graduation→ School Registry Contents→ Check School Registry Contents→ Check Bank Account Number

d. If students fail to apply during the first and second application period, contact college administration offices for refunds.

e. Applicants for a leave of absence should not apply for tuition reductions in the relevant semester. They must apply when they return to school.

f. Tuition reduction applicants must contact the Student Loan Department if errors occur while implementing Korea Scholarship Foundation Student Loans. (An error occurs if the reduced billing amount and the tuition amount reported to the Korea Scholarship Foundation do not match.)

g. Exchange students must contact college administration offices after their official university transcripts have been received.

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