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ⓒ Jin, Young-seonThe Division of International Studies

The Division of International Studies (DIS) at Korea University was established in 2002 with the aim of cultivating individuals ready for the challenges of globalization. Globalization not only calls for people with analytical skills, flexibility, and communication proficiency but also demands the training of specialists who can respond effectively to the increasing complexities of international commerce and relations as well to the diversity of different cultures and societies. In view of this, DIS has developed a curriculum that offers a wide range of interdisciplinary courses on international cooperation and commerce as well as area studies, all of which are designed to help students develop analytical and leadership skills. Policy analysis, negotiation, management, and program evaluation pertaining to international organizations, trade, diplomacy, and security, which are important tools for understanding the rapidly changing world, thus figure prominently in the curriculum. In addition, DIS is committed to applied scholarship focusing on real world problem-solving, so that its graduates will leave the program with professional expertise to excel in their chosen fields of career. With the kind of training offered by DIS, the graduates are likely to be preferred candidates for positions requiring in-depth knowledge of international commerce and cooperation, e.g., international organizations, trade organizations, consulting firms, research centers, and media firms.

Another unique aspect of the Division of International Studies at Korea University is that all of its courses are offered in English, which is quite fitting since global competence requires at least a degree of proficiency in English. This allows students to not only experience classroom settings akin to those of North America but also to develop and enrich their English skills. The all-English degree program also makes it possible for the university to accommodate internationally educated students and foreign students.

Korea University

Korea University is one of the leading universities in Korea with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching and for links with business and industry. Korea University has just passed its 103rd birthday and is approaching its 110th birthday in 2015. Since its foundation in 1905, Korea University has aimed to offer the highest quality of education in the broad range of the humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering, and sports.

ⓒ Jin, Young-seon

Korea University is proud of its outstanding academic schools, departments and research institutions. The academic breadth of the university is extensive - 81 departments in 19 colleges and 18 graduate schools. Korea University has outstanding reputation in research, internationally including the East Asiatic Research Center, and the Korean Cultural Research Center. Korea University has striven to infuse a new spectrum of educational programs that emphasize multiple majors and interdisciplinary studies and strategic partnership with private and public R&D centers.

The University is an international and cosmopolitan body, which is committed to taking an active part in global discourses and seeking plausible solutions about global issues. Korea University is the only a member university in Korea joining University 21 which is an international network of 18 leading universities in 9 countries and promotes international student exchange programs. The university has established an extensive network of international cooperation with a number of top-ranking universities around the globe, which has nurtured excellent academic achievements as well as student learning.
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